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Evolution of the Deer Creek Project

Following Deer Creek (FDC) is a watershed passion project Lisa Redfern developed while she homeschooled her middle-grade-age son. While researching the intricacies of the watershed, she constructed each blog post for use as a lesson.

As she learned about the plants, animals, culture, and history of the watershed, she wrote summaries. Each one contains biology facts, curated YouTube documentary videos, little-known behaviors/uses, and areas of scientific study. They also include source links and reading recommendations for deeper analysis.

While the project was active (2017 – 2021), it involved many outdoor exploration excursions. Friends, creatives, students, guests, creek scientists, pilots, and welcoming private property owners took part. What began as a one-person quest ended in a community delving into the details of their home habitat.

Following Deer Creek concluded in 2021 with the production of a thirty-minute fly-over video.


Lisa Redfern is a Nevada County author, photographer, and historian.  

Since 2017, she has been a member of the Sierra Writers Conference planning committee.

Lisa can be reached at Lisa ‘at’ redfern ‘dot’ biz

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