River Otters – Holt Hiding, Wiggly Weasel Cousin

River Otters are apex predators like mountain lions, coyotes, sharks, and killer whales. In healthy ecosystems, they maintain balance. Habitat & History Before North America’s European colonization and the fur trade (that continued until 1961), River Otters inhabited every fresh waterway on the continent. For a species greatly impacted by human behavior, they have become a beacon of hope for … Read More

Happy Cavity Nesting Families – Western Bluebird

Bird of Good Cheer and a Hopeful Spring Throughout history, and within many cultures, bluebirds symbolize happiness, protection, and hope. People may have first taken notice of the birds because of their unusual coloring, or for their behavior; swooping through meadows and open spaces, cheerful song, or large family units raising young each spring. When the bluebirds start building nests … Read More

Hummingbird – High-Speed Nectar Sipper

The hummingbird is one of the world’s smallest, oldest, and most adapted living bird species. Part of the Trochilidae family, hummingbirds are in the Apodiforme subfamily, which means ‘unfooted’. Because their wings move them around so well, they don’t need feet for much more than perching. Between North and South America, over 800 plant species have evolved to rely on … Read More

Columbia Black-tailed Deer – Crepuscular Cud Chewer 

The word ‘deer’ is an irregular noun. It is used for both single and multiple animals. Deer are also crepuscular, active during twilight hours. Of the six subspecies of mule deer living in California, Nevada County is home to two; the California mule deer (west side of Sierra Nevadas to the southern coast) and the Columbia black-tailed deer (Northern California … Read More

Bald Eagle – Symbolic Feet Fighting Food Thief

How the Bald Eagle Became the Symbol of the United States  In 1776, members of the Continental Congress passed a resolution saying the new nation needed a formal seal for official documents. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson comprised the first committee who would work on it. Bald Eagle Habitat According to iNaturalist, there have been four Bald Eagle … Read More