Tail Flashing Cache Faker – Western Gray Squirrel

Habitat The Western Gray Squirrel is a tree (arboreal) rodent and is the largest of its kind in the Sierra Nevada Mountains weighing between one-half to two pounds. Tree squirrels like dense cover in which to travel across branches, build several kinds of nests, and seek safety. They live at nearly every elevation in Nevada County. Favorite trees are the black … Read More

Porcupine – Pointed Payback for Getting Too Close

If you’re lucky enough to see one of these shy nocturnal rodents, don’t worry. It won’t charge or shoot sharp darts. If your dog sees it, his/her up-close canine curiosity may result in a painful payback. Deer Creek Porcupine Spotters Needed! According to the Nevada County Resource Conservation District and Wikipedia’s List of Mammals of California porcupines should live in the … Read More