Columbia Black-tailed Deer – Crepuscular Cud Chewer 

The word ‘deer’ is an irregular noun. It is used for both single and multiple animals. Deer are also crepuscular, active during twilight hours. Of the six subspecies of mule deer living in California, Nevada County is home to two; the California mule deer (west side of Sierra Nevadas to the southern coast) and the Columbia black-tailed deer (Northern California … Read More

Mountain Lion – Fragmented Power Pouncer

History Since the late 1850’s, North America’s big cat has been known as the mountain lion. Early Spanish explorers called it ‘gato monte‘ which means cat of the mountain. Latin America calls it puma (powerful) which comes from the 16th century Peruvian Quechua language. Because of its wide range, diverse habitats, and the span of human cultural locations, this animal … Read More