How did the project get started?

The kernel for the idea began in 2017 while Lisa Redfern was reading The Diary of a 49er.  In January, Redfern was reading ‘diary’ entries for January 1851. “It’s been raining all the week and the creeks are running bank-full. Over on Deer Creek, it drove all the miners out and filled their claims with rock and gravel.”

Energized by the similarities between days, years, and weather conditions, Redfern donned her raincoat, grabbed her camera and set out to film the creek.

During that year, Lisa was taking a break from studio work to homeschool her son. The Deer Creek project started out a vehicle to keep her curiosity engaged and her technical skills current.

How has the project changed since its inception?

Lisa thought she’d be writing about the little creek running through many Nevada County backyards. How complicated could that be?

She quickly discovered that all watersheds are connecting threads in the web of planetary life. 

After researching and writing articles for about a year, Lisa felt that she had enough substance on the website to begin approaching interviewees. Historian and Sierra College Professor Gary Noy was the first to graciously share his time and stories.

Native plant specialists, water managers, and pilots added their skills and talents to the project, growing its personality.

Recently, Lisa faced new filming challenges by taking an actress and camera into the field (and water!) to recreate scenes from Jennie Carter’s book (1860’s). (Jennie Carter was a black journalist who lived in Nevada City and published articles in The Elevator, a San Francisco publication for the black community.) Watch for these pieces in the fall of 2019.

Katrina Thompson portrays Jennie Carter at the Colfax Train Depot

Do the blog posts have a theme?

Yes! They are connected to Deer Creek.

Will all of the information on the website be included in the documentary?

No, the blog/website is a collection point for research. When it’s time to produce the full-length film, it will be used as a source from which to pick-and-choose.

Is someone paying for project development?

Currently, FDC is a self-funded passion project created by Lisa Redfern.

Have you applied for grants?

Not yet. While the FDC project appears to meet subject goals for several California Arts based funders, it is missing advisors, one-t0-one donation matching, and a nonprofit financial sponsorship.

Do you accept article submissions and guest posts?

Yes. Please use the contact form to query about your topic before submitting. All articles must have a connection with Deer Creek or the Deer Creek Watershed and will include a list of science-based references. Examples; State Fish and Wildlife Services, United States Department of Food and Agriculture literature, and University publications. (Tip – study the resource lists at the bottom of several blog posts.)