A Story-based Study of the Deer Creek Watershed

In the winter of 2017, when water levels reached heights that hadn’t been seen in a decade, Lisa Redfern set out to photograph and film various locations along the creek’s thirty-four-mile length.

This began a journey of discovery.

The blog (and eventual documentary film) is a personal passion project of Lisa Redfern, a local authorartist, and photographer. She creates blog posts about the plants and animals she observes as well as historical reenactments, and interviews with historians, long-time residents, and representatives from agencies that connect with the waterway.

Many posts include custom created artwork for her Life on the Creek series, made-to-order home and clothing items. Five dollars from each sale (above production and shipping costs) supports the blog and film project (savings for a narrator, music, and audio/video editing assistance). Once the film is complete, Life on the Creek proceeds will be donated to stream stewardship organizations.