Editor & Filmmaker – Lisa Redfern

Following Deer Creek (FDC) is a watershed passion project.  Lisa Redfern is a Nevada County authorartist, and photographer.  As she researches for her Deer Creek film, she creates blog posts about the Life on the Creek she observes.

Local history, based on Doris Foley Historical Library, Nevada County Historical Society, and Searls Historical Library, investigations are also included along with expert interviews.

With every article, Redfern expands an extensive Resource page with local, state, national, and international links to books, podcasts, universities, films, and websites relating to land and wild animal management, conservation efforts, and data collection sites. 

As COVID began infecting the world, Lisa, with the help of Bonnie McKeegan created FREE coloring pages to support learning and entertainment for Nevada County students.

Nevada County made-to-order custom artwork accompanies blog posts. Five dollars (above production and shipping costs) from each sale is donated to Deer Creek stewardship organizations – Sierra Streams Institute, The Sierra Fund, and CHIRP.

Lisa can be reached at Lisa ‘at’ redfern ‘dot’ biz

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