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Following Deer Creek is a story-based study of the Deer Creek Watershed in Nevada County, California.

Blog posts and articles are published as research is conducted.

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Historical Overview

Plate tectonics created the Smartville Block that comprises much of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The Smartville Block brought gold to the surface.

Approximately 7,000 Native People lived in the territory before the Gold Rush lured an array of young white men and multicultural emigrants.

During the Victorian era with strict social rules, newcomers developed an atmosphere where personal failure and reinvention were acceptable.

Ingenuity, invention, and the attitude that only ‘civilized’ people had rights to the land resulted in long-term environmental damage that is an on-going concern.

The twentieth century saw more changes. Detailed development of water rights, the narrow-gauge railroad, farming, forestry, building the freeway, and several large-scale planned communities contributed to the watershed community we call home.

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A portion of sales from graphic designs and art pieces (created to accompany the theme of most blog posts) contributes to a fund for documentary production (scriptwriting, video editing, and narration). As of January 2020, the Life of the Creek collection hosts 90 art pieces.